Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We Made It!!

We made it here safely! We had a great flight - no lost luggage, no one got sick. :-) It was the five little ones first time to fly. They were nervous about flying, but they seemed to enjoy it. We'll try to update more later...

Gettin' checked in

Going through security, we all made it through! :-)
Dad & Mom waiting to board

Their first time on a plane!Deborah, Hannah & LydiaNaomi, Joanna & Sarah
Julia, John Jr. & Suzy
Tabitha & Rebekah
Dad, Jeremy & Mom
The kids thought being up in the clouds was awesome!
On the shuttle to baggage claim


pixelplayground said...

Enjoy Florida! Been through there a lot, I almost got the tram guy's sound bite memorized.

God Bless
Daniel Knudsen

ARK said...

Have fun in Flordia!:)

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you're having a blast! Get tan for me too :)

Philip Burtt said...

Are you guys have alot of fun in florida? Bring some sun back down here. Tell John and Jeremy I said Hi.I loved the pics! I envy you guys. Noah called on our b-day and said it was 80 degrees and sunny;I was about to ring his neck as laughed over the phone. Anyhow have alot of fun for me!!!

- Philip