Thursday, April 17, 2008

Joanna Came To Visit!

Rachel, Rebekah & Naomi went to Chicago for a couple of days. They surprised us by bringing Joanna back with them. It was such a fun surprise!! It was a quick visit, but we enjoyed every minute she was here. Sam & Abby Sanderlin took her back home today on their way back to IL.
The kids had a picnic on the trampoline.

Uncle Jeremy & Joanna Joanna said, "My rollers are too hot!"

She thought sitting in the fridge would help. :-)

All pretty for churchCheck it out! :-)
Cousins :-)


JBW said...

What a doll! She and Emily look so grown up - its hilarious! :)
Love, Jacquelyn

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!! i loved the one with her sitting in the fridge!!! carly

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