Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uncle Paul's Home!

We're happy to have Uncle Paul home from Singapore! He'll be here for the summer. We're looking forward to having Aunt Susan home as well later this month. :-)


Elaine McDonnell said...

Burtt Family,
Just wanted to let you know that we were looking at your blog this week. I was talking with the John Van Gelderen family this week at one of their meetings. When she found out that we have 13 children, she was telling me about you all. Then, I told her that we have a family blog, and she mentioned that you have one also. It was fun to see your pictures. You have a lovely family, and if we're ever on vacation in Michigan, we'll know where to stop in for church! :-) My girls were saying, "It would be so neat to meet them, Mom." Anyway would be glad to share our family blog address but would prefer to send it some other way than as a comment on your blog. Do you have an e-mail addy I could send it to?
LOVE the family pic with everyone in solid color tops and black slacks or skirts -- LOVELY.
God bless your family as you serve Him.

burttfamily said...

We'd love to meet you all as well, definitely stop by if you're ever in MI. Our e-mail address is... jaburtt@gmail.com.