Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Susanna & Elias!

As of today there are two Burtts in the world that were born at home. They happen to share the same birthday! = ) Seventeen years ago today Susanna was born at home and delivered by dad. She came so fast mom couldn't make it to the hospital! Today our cousin, Abby, gave birth to a little boy, Elias Lee. He was also born at home but came a little slower with two midwives there to deliver him. We can't wait to see our new little cousin! He sounds really cute with red hair like his big sister Elena! = ) We will post pictures of the birthday girl and little guy when we get some. Happy Birthday to both of you!


Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

Hi everyone! Just a small typo to correct...Elias is actually a Sanderlin (not a Burtt). Just kidding, he actually looks like Abby and Phillip. I was going to update our blog tonight but I forgot to load the pictures on the thumb drive. Forget my memory lapse...I just got done giving Elena a bath. I also fixed Abby steak and eggs for breakfast and did all the dishes. The midwives said that she needed iron so Abby bought a bunch of steak. I am trying to keep Abby from doing anything but she is strong :) She is recovering nicely. Happy birthday Susanna!

Emily McDonnell said...

It was fun meeting some of you! I'm so glad you could come visit our church! I hope that we can meet the whole family some day! -Emily McD.

emily mcdonnell said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Suzy!