Monday, March 23, 2009

Elena & Elias

Rachel offered to watch Elena today while
Sam & Abby did some packing for Africa.
Elias came over later so they could go
out for dinner and run some errands.
They're always so much fun to have around!
We're really going to miss them when they leave.
Naomi gave Elena some gloss to try. She
loved it and wouldn't put it down!
She wanted to watch "Andy Griffefs". :-)
notice the gloss ;-)helpin' Suzy make cupcakes
Please keep Sam & Abby in your prayers
as they're preparing to leave for Africa next month.


Mrs. S aka Grammie said...

Thank you all for taking such good care of my grandchildren! Last time I had Elena I gave her my chapstick.....I did not get it back! Looks like they had lots of fun with all the Burtt cousins! Yes, they will all be so missed but we are thankful they have surrended to serve in Africa. May souls be won and God glorifed through their ministry! Leaving for Memphis to see Jim, Jill and Ethan then to Sam's ordination. Maybe we will see some of you there?

Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

Thanks for watching the kids for us! It was a big help. See you all tonight at church.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!
Anybody that has kids that are that cute ought to have a least a dozen!!! (: