Saturday, January 2, 2010

Up North

Joanna, Tabitha, Suzy, John, Jeremy and Shannon went up north for the weekend. They're staying in a beautiful house right on Lake Michigan. Joanna is celebrating her 25th birthday there today!

Happy Birthday Joanna!
Suzy enjoying one of her many naps! :-)
We went skating at a little community outdoor
rink for only $1! It was freezing but a lot of fun!

Jeremy warming up by the fire.

We had to park in the street and hike up the long driveway since
there was so much snow. That's our house in the background.
Overlooking Lake Michigan.
Joanna's birthday brunch :-)
We all enjoyed sitting around the cozy fire that Tabitha made.
Notice Shannon's salt. :-) She didn't have a glass at the table.
John sporting his lei and anxiously waiting for
dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes,
cheesy broccoli and rolls.
Tabitha decorating for Joanna's 25th birthday.
This is Tabitha's fifteenth ten minute nap. :-)
Shannon took us to a little restaurant in Charlevoix
for fish 'n chips and fabulous burgers.
Suzy cranked up the heat in the hot tub.
It was quite shocking to go from below zero to 106 degrees!


Joannaknows said...

Happy Birthday Joanna!! Hope you had a fab day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joanna! Looks like you guys had a great time! :)
~Abbey Lange~

burtt family said...

Hey Looks Like Fun!
Miss yall - Happy Birthday Joanna!
What a special day for you and on a day that is a palindrome too!
Did you know it was 01022010 today! Love US!

pcmag said...

Who won the game of chess?

Jacquelyn said...

Y'all are so cute! Looks like it was freezing cold! Let's go next time I'm up! :)
Hope you had a great b-day, Jo!
Love ya!
Jac said...


Anonymous said...


John beat Suzy in that game of chess but it was a really close game and she won the next one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey You!!! Happy Birthday Joanna!!! Hope Ya Had An Amazing Day!!! Very Cool On The Palindrome 0122010 Two Two!!! :-)

GrandmaCin said...

Looks like another good time was had by all!