Friday, December 24, 2010

Spending Time With Family

It's been so nice to have family in town for Christmas. 
Uncle Paul is visiting from Singapore for two weeks.
Rebekah and Deborah are home from Tennessee for a
week.  Mary and Suzy are home from college for over
 a month!  Lloyd, Bethany and the kids stopped overnight
 on their way through to West Virginia.  We were able
to enjoy one of the boy's basketball games all together.
They had the biggest cheering section for sure. :-) 

Grandpa bought the kids some treats
from the snack shop.
The boys won their game!!!
We had an early Christmas with Lloyd, Bethany
and the kids while they were here.
 Nathan was checkin' out the
huge box of chocolates!
 The kids got a snoopy snow cone machine and loved it!


Weadock Family said...

I'm wondering who loved the Snoopy Snow Cone machine more--Grandpa or the kids??!! I didn't know they still made those.

Cynthia said...

Merry Christmas from the Wichts!

kerstinmagnuson said...

john's digging the crowd of supporters at the game, i can tell!

Anonymous said...

I see a little one that sucks his fingers just like one of mine does!

Lovely pictures of all the beautiful Burtt girls ( from both families).
I also had no idea that Lloyd and Bethany were expecting number five! Congratulations to them!


Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

Nice pictures!!! Makes me want to come home and visit. We love and miss you all. Abby