Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Neighborhood Bible Time

We had our first Neighborhood Bible Time at our church this
summer.  We had about 70 kids attend.  It was a great week!

John Wicht handmade this awesome penny scale for our penny parade.  Pam Mills was very creative in painting it and everyone loved it!!

If you can't find John, call him.  His phone is
glued to his hand 24/7.
One of Suzy's students had a little crush on her and brought her a rose.  He had even pulled all the thorns off of it!  He showed up wearing a three-piece suit.  When we told him how nice he looked, he said very matter of factly, "Oh, this is my usual style!" :-)

The kids loved skit time!

NBT 2011


Jack McDonnell said...

Wow, that is quite a group of kiddos! It looks like you guys had a fun program. Great job!

I love working with the little bus kids at our church.

Stephen and Christina said...

Good to see the update!
Luv, Tina

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I want us to have one at Straitgate one of these summers! :)

-Libby Magnuson

MMSteen said...

What was going on in that picture with Naomi and that other kid? It looked like they were eating styrofoam cups without using their hands.

burttfamily said...

Libby - you guys should have one next summer. You'd love it!!

Matt - they're gigantic marshmellos. :-)

Audra Shull said...

the second pic is my Bff Ayla and her mom signing in! cool!