Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Makayla Faith Estep

This is long overdue but... Our niece, Makayla, was born on May 26th.  Tabitha and Suzy were able to be there for her birth.  It was the first birth they were able to observe.  Suzy was excited about the opportunity since she is going to school for nursing.  As for Tabitha, she is still trying to figure out why she decided to be there. : /  Here are a few pictures while they were waiting... waiting... and waiting the days before Makayla decided to make her entrance into the world. 

Lloyd doing what he does best. : )
Two very happy boys!!  Poor Aunt Naomi
ran half way around the neighborhood trying to
catch the ice cream truck so they could have 
these popsicles!
The kids were always so excited to see Lloyd 
when he came home from work!
Carter & Nathan love their Dad and always want to be with him.  Nathan needs his own lawn mower.  His sisters weren't too happy to see him with their stroller, and it doesn't say much for his masculinity either! = )
After several days of waiting, Makayla finally seemed ready to meet her family!  Bethany woke us up at three in the morning to let us know she was in real labor.  We headed to the hospital with all our stuff.
Once we got to the hospital, it took longer for things to progress because Bethany's contractions completely stopped. : /  Everyone decided to find a spot and get comfortable!
Finally, ten days after Makayla's due date, she decided to 
 make her entrance into this world. It really is an 
amazing thing to see a baby brought into this world!
Suzy got to cut the umbilical cord and help care
for Makayla after she was born.

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