Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

It's Tabitha & Hannah's birthday today!!

Tabitha turned 19 on the 19th! Today's her
golden birthday!! Hannah turned 8 today!

Leave 'em a comment & wish them a happy birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tabitha & Hannah!!! Have a great day.

With Love,

Your Favorite Brother-in-Law!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Abz said...

Dude Lloyd, is that like an automatic message you have programed into the computer to post whenever someone has a birthday;-) LOL, just kidding... Anyways... Happy birthday girls! I hope you both had a GREAT day!!!
luv ya tons!

pixelplayground said...

Happy Birthday:)

Anonymous said...

Abby, thanks for giving away my identity!!! How did you know it was me :-)


Abz said...

Hey Lloyd,
well... the part about you being the "favorite" brother in law kinda gave it away cuz I know the truth;-) LOL, j/k How's Bethany doing? Tell her and JO I said Hey

Abz said...

P.S. Check out the pictures of Jo on my blogspot -