Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pictures with Wind & Breeze

I'm finally posting some pictures from our weekend with
Wind & Breeze. We had a great time havin' them here! =)

Dad, Tabitha & Susie

John Jr. & Wind

Lydia & Hannah
Wind trying to be cool! =)

Guess Who's Who??


Abz said...

Hey Girls,(is that better Ju?)
cute pictures!!! Wind is on the left and Breeze is on the right, right? LOL, I'm at school and I need to do some homework to I'll TTYL c ya 2 nite.
Luv ya'll

Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

Hey, good to see you all in the office today. We hope to see Wind tonight at church. Great blog!

- Your favorite cousin-in-law

P.S. Happy Birthday to everyone!

P.S.S. Wind is on the left

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!

burttfamily said...

i know wind on the left breeeeezzzzz on the right