Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day

Every year we have a Labor Day brunch with my moms side of the family...

My moms Grandpa made this picnic table (below) for my moms
family in 1962. Uncle Paul just refinished the picnic table this
summer so we can use it at our house.
Aunt Wendy, (my moms cousin) Mom, Grandpa Koebnick, Uncle Tom, (my moms Uncle) Aunt Lois (my moms Aunt)

Grandpa Burtt, Uncle Jack, (my moms uncle) John Jr. & Dad

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Abz said...

Aww, so much fun! Julie, did you ever tell Uncle Jack to eat a coconut donout for me??? I didn't see him eating one at all;-) I think you made it all up, lol, j/k. Have a beautiful nite! luv ya'll!!!