Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bonfire at the "Other Burtts"

We went to the "Other Burtt's" for a bonfire.
We had a great time!!
M-m-mm Good!! =)
It was a beautiful night! The moon was awesome!

Something smelled...
so Adam thought he would help find the smell. =)

Only 44 days 'til Stephen & Tina's wedding!

Sarah, Rebekah & Tina talking over wedding plans.


Abz said...

Looks like fun!!! The moon was beautiful, it was awesome last night too! Did you ever find out what the smell was:-) I uploaded pix from camp... you'll have to tell the girls to look at them.

The Fishers of Nantwich said...

Yumm...roasted marshmallows. I miss that.
Good pictures!