Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls' Party

Mrs. Soucie taught an etiquette class for one of the semesters last year. She had all the girls over to her house for a party. They surprised her with a cake and balloons for her birthday.


Joanna.knows.who. said...

Hey Joanna,
Thx for not putting me up there..
I looked bad in that pix of just me..;)

burttfamily said...

Hey Guys!

Thanks for updating. I love seeing pictures of you all. I miss you guys! I am in the office waiting for Stephen & Tina. You would think they were never going to see eachother again. ;) Just kidding... it's all good.

Love you!
Tabitha ;)

Abby Koski Knows Who said...

If you look closely you are on there with all your friends!:-)

Joanna Knows who said...

WHERE??? I did not see me??

Abby Koski know who said...

Put your glasses on and look at the first picture... you're standing next to Leah.

Abz said...

nice pictures... I hope you girls have an asesome trip!!! Luv ya