Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dad and Mom took the 5 younger kids up north for the week. They're staying at a cabin on Long Lake. Some of the girls went to Chicago to watch Joanna and Carter for the week while Lloyd, Bethany and Nathan are in Wisconsin.

Mom used to put our wet hair up in a towel like this when we were little.

Joanna with funny hair 'n funny faces

havin' fun

Aunt Tab & Carter Joanna pulled these out from last year... she wanted to wear pajamas like Carter


Anonymous said...

Carter is just too cute! i love that smile of his!!!!

Abz said...

cute, cute, pictures of cute, cute, kids! Tab I LOVE your hair!!! Hope ya'll are havin' fun! Miss ya:-) Luv ya

EBeth Fisher said...

Wow, I cannot believe how big they are. It seems like yesterday that Bethany was pregnant with Joanna! They are beautiful children and they are very blessed to have Aunties who are close enough to come and spend time with them. :-) what is the latest with Miss Sarah Burtt?

elizabeth mcdonnell said...

They are both adorable!
It must be fun to have a niece & nephew!!


Anonymous said...