Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grandpa's Home

Grandpa went home yesterday and he's doing well! He will be having open heart surgery in the next couple of weeks. Please keep praying for him.
We had Grandpa & Aunt Susan over for dinner tonight.
Grandpa is on fluid restrictions, but after having Dr. Pepper
for the first time he became addicted! :-)
Rachel made a delicious pumpkin dessert.
Hannah is always writing notes... and it doesn't hurt to
label your stuff when living in a big family! ;-)We bought a new game "No Brainer" today for a dollar. It was funny to watch everyone play it. They looked ridiculous... but it made us laugh!


Jack McDonnell said...

Hey! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to wear one of those! :o)

I bought one for a few dollars on clearance when Rick was home during the summer, and we planned out a great skit that he could do with it for the PCC student body. (He is in charge of those this year) Unfortunately, he did not have room for it in his suitcase.

That would have been hilarious to wear in front of 4500+ students!

Have fun with that, try not to get whiplash!

Jack McDonnell said...

Oh BTW, have you figured out yet that you have to keep your head EXTREMELY level? :-)

Jacquelyn said...

Hey y'all! Those are some great pics! Rachel, you looked lovely with your yummy pumpkin dessert....wish I could have a bite! :P Love to all!

Anonymous said...

No you aren't the only crazy people out there. :) Now I know why it was marked down so cheap!

Margaret said...

Rachel looks like the perfect little housewife in that picture with the dessert. Just call her Becky Home-Ecky!!! :)