Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Fun!!

Lloyd, Bethany and the kids came in late last night. Stephen & Tina Rains came in late last night.
This is their first Thanksgiving together!
They just found out Tina's expecting her
first little "raindrop" in July!! :-)
Nathan having fun with Wind
Cleanin' out the fireplace
Uncle Jeremy fell asleep during Joanna's nap time. :-)

Lydia played the offertory tonight with the Junior Orchestra.
Wind & Breeze... Breeze & Wind???Carter wasn't in the mood for a family picture.All the grandkids - three boys & three girls. Tina will be the tie breaker! :-)Trying to get everyone together for a family picture = chaos :-)

We have A LOT to be thankful for! :-)
Nathan was enthralled in a cartoon.
Breeze & Dad playing "The Little Drummer Boy." :-)


burttfamily said...
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burttfamily said...

Wow! Lots of people at our house this week. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

EBeth Fisher said...

It's so wonderful to see all the Burtts and their families! What a blessing to have such extended borders!
Best wishes and love from across the Pond,


PS: Congratulations to the Raines!