Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory

It's nice to have Deborah & Rebekah home for Christmas.
Lloyd, Bethany and the kids are here for a few days
before they head to West Virginia for Christmas.
Today we went to Chelsea and took a tour of the
Teddy Bear Factory.
This is the world's largest teddy bear. The little girls had fun stuffing their own teddy bears.


Al Burtt Family said...

Oh! How cute! :-) I love the pics! I was just thinking the other day while in the mall that would be fun - they have the new Teddy Bear Factory at Briarwood! How adorable! Love, Anna

Annette said...

Aww...I went with my sister and nephews here (Margaret Hyre). One of my favorite photos of the boys is a picture that I took in front of that big bear. I am sure you are enjoying the Esteps...we miss them! :) Merry Christmas!
Annette Hesson