Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lovin' Purses :-)

Joanna takes after her Aunt Joanna.
They both LOVE purses! :-)
When Joanna was a little girl she would
cry if she forgot her purse
or couldn't have it for some reason.
We noticed little Joanna would go
everywhere with her purses when she
was home for Thanksgiving.

Notice the kleenex in Joanna's hand. She was crying, again! :-)

Two are better than one! ;-)


Anonymous said...

You two are so cute with your purses!!!

~Abby K

Al Burtt Family said...

Haha - that is hilarious! That is SO true!!! But for all of those reading these comments, I just want you to know that BIG Joanna has outgrown her "clingyness" to her purse! She can function without it and go to sleep without holding it! :-) Love, Anna