Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Isn't it supposed to be April showers bring May flowers?? :-)
~ Happy Spring from Michigan! :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Where have I seen those trees before??? Hmmmmm!
One thing I CAN tell you - it sure is going to make it hard to cut the grass!!! (: jab

Stacey said...

Those pictures make me cold just looking at them. We are having 70 degree weather here in Austria.

Love keeping up with your blog, it helps me not to feel so disconnected from the world.

Anonymous said...

Now that makes me VERY cold! (But they are beautiful pictures!) You all need to move to Florida! Please hurry! See you soon.


Weadock Family said...

And May flowers bring?? Pilgrims! Just think, it started with April showers, then May flowers (Mayflower), Elder Brewster, and eventually...me!!!!

You're welcome :)

Sarah Rose said...

LOVE the pic's! HATE the weather!

Jacquelyn said...

You had snow?! Kinda blows the whole Easter outfit for Sunday out the window. Bummer! :) Hope to see y'all in May! Love, Jack :)