Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Pictures

We had an awesome sunset a few weeks ago.
We had fun decorating for a shower this past weekend.
Naomi needed a lift. :-)
Abby & Phoebe made us a delicious breakfast!

The boys always love it when Adam is home from college.
The cousins came over and helped John & Jeremy with one of their lawns.
Havin' Fun! :-)

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Abigail Joshua said...

I love the sunset! That is sooo pretty! Did you take it at church? See ya tonight... Luv ya

Anonymous said...

so why exactly did Naomi try to get up there?

burttfamily said...
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Burtt Family said...

No, the picture of the sunset was taken by Lydia on our way to the Woodys. She did a great job with her new camera and skill. :-)

Burtt Family said...

She exactly tried to get up there to look for her rope. ;-)

shannon said...

I want Abby and Phoebe to come fix us breakfast. That looked delicious! =)


Anonymous said...

From what I can remember, the breakfast was VERY delicious. It just went down so fast! :-)