Tuesday, August 18, 2009


CJ and Sarah are in town this week. CJ wanted to go camping so he found a place to camp out in the woods at church.
The boys got all geared up to go out and visit the campers =)
The four of them are crazy when they get together! =)

CJ, Sarah, Rebekah, Lydia, Hannah & Naomi were the

brave ones... or maybe the crazy ones? :-)

Just visiting...

Hannah wasn't too sure about staying.

It'll be an experience she'll never forget! =)


Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

CJ, Sarah, Rebekah, Lydia & Naomi, you guys would well in Cameroon I think! When are you coming?

Jacquelyn said...

Poor Bob! Hope she had fun anyway! Y'all are so funny. :D Love the pics!
Joanna, you didn't want to stay out with the bugs?? :P
Love, Jac

Shannon Culver said...

Hope you guys had a fun night! Between the tears, fears and bugs I'm wondering if anyone got any shuteye???

Abigail Joshua said...

LOL,that is too funny! Poor Hannah, it's a good thing she never went to the screen house:-) You all should have stayed, it would have been a blast! Especially you Jo, I know you love to do things like that! LOL, j/k! Hope ya'll are having a fab day! Love ya