Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family & Friends

It's been great having family & friends in town this week!

The newly weds & Aunt Jean. =)

Grandma & Uncle Bill

CJ showed everyone how two hairs fight.

playin' chubby bunny... Tab won by 1 =)
this is for you Sarah =)
Uncle Bill loved Suzy's homemade strawberry jam.
Playin' games

This is for Sally =)
Adam surprised his family last night by coming home a few
days early. He has been in Ireland for the summer.

We're so glad to have him home! =)


Abigail Joshua said...

I guess I left the party too early last night... Looks like fun:-) See you tonight since it is Thursday!
luv ya

Sarah Magnuson said...

Thanks Jo and Suzy. I laughed so hard when I saw the picture. The funny thing was that Sam also agreed that is the way to shake the hand of a lady. I had to inform him that the fish handshake is not appropriate for anyone. haha. Glad I could set people straight. (: