Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bethany & the Kids

Bethany and the kids came to visit for the week while Lloyd took
the teens to camp. We've enjoyed having them here.
We celebrated Bethany's birthday with a delicious
Boston Cream Pie made by Lydia.
Joanna and her dolly - Sally Joy Burtt
Uncle John helped curl Joanna's hair for church. Joanna
told him all about Sally. She asked Uncle John to pray for
Sally because she has a cold, fever and diarrhea. :-)

1 comment:

Jack McDonnell said...

Only in a family of twelve girls would a brother know how to curl hair. :o)

Hey, you are ahead of me in that dept. John...I have a hard enough time with my little bros hair much less my little sisters!

I must say though, I just turned into an uncle, and I would do just about anything for little Emily Marie.