Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family & Friends

Peter's dad came for the big Michigan/Ohio State game this past weekend. It was nice getting to know another Magnuson. = ) We went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before Mr. Magnuson flew out on Monday and before we picked up Breeze. He will be here for the week. We have been looking forward to this week with family and friends here for Thanksgiving!

Peter & Ava had a coloring contest at breakfast. :)

The boys had their first basketball game in Detroit this week.
They played a great game even though they lost.

John waving to all his fans. :)

Peter trying to study in the van.

Breeze & Peter sounded great playing together.

Havin' fun shopping!
Suzy meditating...:)

We caught her cheating! :O


Sarah Magnuson said...

Tab, you look great in hats! I love the pictures. haha. My dad sure loves his bow ties! (:

Susanna said...

I was not cheating! I was just helping the poor boy read his card. :)

Jacquelyn said...

Cuuute pics! Tabitha, I love the hat! ;) Glad you're going to help me pick one out! :P Girls, I just can't wait to see y'all!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jacquelyn said...
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Jacquelyn said...

Hey again! Mom says that Jo & Breeze have her glasses on!!! :D

Anonymous said...

are tab and breeze going out?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, possibly going out Black Friday shopping! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the hat.