Monday, November 9, 2009

Minnesota Friends

It was great having Bernie, Luke & Matt
in town for the weekend.

Joanna was sick for most of the weekend. We tried to make her
feel part of the fun by singing to her outside the window. :)

Josh was able to come for the Michigan game on Saturday.

Matt did a great job of making us feel like James was here. :)

Since Joanna spent most of the weekend in bed we sent her
a "get well" platter with food & notes. We had a great lunch at Mongolian Barbecue.
Joanna was finally able to meet everyone. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed walking around downtown.
Of course we had to get ice cream.


pcmag said...

The last picture should have included the "cutest dog in the world" -- or, alternatively, "the most hideous dog ever," depending on your perspective.

And Jo, you really shouldn't have been so affectionate to it. I was getting a little embarrassed by your over-the-top PDA. :)

jmag said...

That looks absolutely nothing like me. I'm insulted. And outraged. And irate. And vexed. And peeved. And miffed.

Jacquelyn said...

I love y'all singing to Jo outside her window. haha Funny! Love, Jac

Abigail Joshua said...

haha, that picture actually did kind of look like you James! :-) Glad your finally better Jojo! I missed you waaay too much! <3 ya