Monday, March 22, 2010

Tabitha & Hannah's Birthday

Tabitha made Hannah this adorable cake for her birthday.

She got a bluetooth and loves it already!
It's become a joke now that Dad & Mom get Tabitha a pineapple
for her birthday every year. When she was a little girl they
wanted her to try pineapple... she refused to try it.
Finally after a long battle she tried it, and loved it!
She kept asking for more. =)

Suzy and Abby decorated Tabitha's car for
her birthday. They forgot and kept wondering why
people were honking at them. :-)

Hannah has been wanting a haircut for a while. She was
thrilled when Tabitha suggested she come in to her
school on her birthday to get it done.
The beautiful birthday girl!


Sarah Magnuson said...

You guys are so pretty! I love all the pictures. Tab, you did a great job on Hannah's hair!

Anonymous said...

nice hair hannah!

Jacquelyn said...

Oh my word, Bob, you are so pretty! :) Loved all the b-day pics of both of you! :) HUGS! Jac

Sarah Elwood said...

Hannah, I really like your hair - Tab did a great job! :) cant wait to see you all again soon! miss everyone but NOT the bunnies :-p -Sarah