Monday, March 8, 2010

Visiting Family

We were able to take a quick sister's trip to visit family
last week. It worked out with our school and work
schedules to leave Thursday night. We drove to Chicago
and stayed at an awesome hotel for the night. Bethany
brought the kids over Friday morning so they could swim
in the pool. Joanna and Carter loved it but it was a little
overwhelming for Nathan!

We left Friday afternoon and drove to Camp Joy in Wisconsin.
It worked out for Mary to meet us there and we had a great
time catching up with her!

It was nice to see friends we had gotten
to know over the summer.
Stephen and Tina are so much fun. Camp Joy is
blessed to have them there! = )

Summer counselors together!
We met Adam and Katie for dinner on our way home Saturday.
It was nice to meet her brother, Josh, too. = )


Anonymous said...

What was the primary reason you made the trip??? Don't think I saw it listed anywhere :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! We've all heard rumors??? Do Tell!!!

Anonymous said...
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