Friday, August 6, 2010

Nieces & Nephews

Bethany came to visit a few weeks ago while Lloyd took his 
teen group to the Wilds.  She ended up quite sick and their
one week visit ended up being three weeks!  We loved having
them here!  It was a busy few weeks but we were thankful she
was here so we could help take care of her and the kids. 
It was so much fun having kids in the house again.
It is so funny to hear the things they come up with. 
We would sometimes spell things we didn't want them 
to figure out.  One night Carter was sitting at the counter
eating when Tabitha walked in and told Mom she was
going to make a BLT.  Carter said, "umm... I know what
that!"  She said, "Oh yeah?  Well do you
know what c-a-t spells?"  He said, "umm... well do you?" :) 
Nathan attempts being a cool dude. 
He couldn't quite get his thumbs in the right place. :)
The boys got these hats from our neighbours and
would not take them off.  They loved them!  
Joanna is learning to read and loves it! 
 She will read to anyone that will listen.
Joanna loves to have her picture taken!  She smiles
whenever there is a camera around.  Good thing
because her Aunts love to take pictures!
Carter & Nathan were always wrestling.  Nathan was almost
always on top even though he is younger. ( notice the hat :)
He didn't like it when Carter won.
Aunt Naomi made Joanna this cool chair out of
 pillows & a laundry basket so she could sit
and watch a movie.  For some reason she couldn't
sit on the couch like a normal person. :)
Whatver Joanna does, Carter is sure to follow. :)
Grandpa makes for a comfy chair too. :)
The kids loved the bunnies!  
Joanna loved spending time with Emily.  It's so cute to see
them play together.  Joanna burst into tears one day.  When
we asked her what was wrong she said she was just so excited
to be able to see Emily.  She is quite dramatic!  We can't
imagine what she will be like as a teenager. :)
We took the kids to see great Grandma & Grandpa. 
Nathan told Grandma all about the animals he saw
at the zoo.  It was so cute to see his facial expressions.

Ever since we were kids, Grandma & Grandpa always
had tootsie pops for us when we went to visit.  They still
make sure we get one when we stop by.  The kids were
excited to discover this tradition! : )
Rachel & Mom did such a great job settling the kids
down and putting them to bed.  Joanna did a great job of
winding them up when they were supposed to be sleeping. :)
It was so cute to hear them laugh & laugh.
Having Carter & Nathan here was like having a mini
John & Jeremy.  They look so much alike.  Carter
like his Uncle John & Nathan like his Uncle Jeremy. 
They had fun together and even taught them
some cool basketball moves . :)


Anna said...

Lloyd and Bethany's children are so cute. I hope Bethany is feeling better. What a blessing she was able to be there and have so much help. They look like active kids!

Tizzy said...

Aw brings back such fun memories! They're so precious! I miss them already!:(