Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip to Minnesota

Joanna, Tabitha & Lydia went to Minnesota a few weeks 
ago to visit the Magnuson's.  It was so nice to 
finally meet the rest of the family.

We loved joining them for tea every day at 4:00.
We had a great time at the zoo.

We had more fun people watching than 
actually looking at the animals. :)
Some of us were more obvious at 
people watching than others. :)
They live on a beautiful lake.  
We enjoyed trying out their new jet ski!
We all went to dinner and a Saints game for James' birthday.

They threw peanuts to the crowd while we all sang
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
Peter was so proud that he caught a bag.

They announced that it was James' "29th" birthday. 
A few years off, but that's ok. :)
We had a couple run-ins with the police but nothing serious. 
Nothing like the guy that shot someone and had to be 
hauled off to jail... or was it because he stole a t-shirt? :)

We went to the Mall of America for a day. 
Joanna was in her glory! :)

We all helped out in the kitchen for our Friday night dinner.  
It turned into a little competition.  Sarah & Joanna made 
a salad and Kiki & Tabitha made dessert.  Sarah 
wasn't too sure she was going to win.

Kiki was quite sure she would win with the recipe she picked. :)

Everyone decided that even though the salad was great...
the cake was much better.  It was just indescribable...:)
We put on a concert for everyone with our coke bottles.
We had so much fun singing and playing our instruments together.

We all went to Dairy Queen after bus calling on Saturday morning.

We went up in the church towers.  Thankfully it 
didn't cave in while we were up there.  :)

We went to Stillwater for the afternoon.  It was beautiful!

Anna & Tab got glitter makeovers. 

We had a nice dinner at the club house.

They had the best malts!
We took advantage of the free toothbrushes. :)
Jed teaching Tab how to golf.
We all went to the yacht club after dinner.
Mr. Magnuson took us for a drive in his car after dinner.
We all went downtown Minneapolis on Sunday night after church.
It was a perfect way to end the trip.


Libby Magnuson said...

I love looking at all this pictures! We had so much fun while you all were here- you need to come back soon! :)

Anna said...

it was so fun having you guys visit! miss you!

kerstinmagnuson said...

"indescribable" is really the perfect way to mention the cake. it really was the most wonderful experience i think i'll ever enjoy!
love and miss you girls!!

Sarah said...

wasnt sure if people would like the salad? more like KNEW people wouldnt like the salad. haha. it was disgusting. thanks for posting pics!

Stephen and Christina said...

Nice to see pics...finally! Looks like you all had fun:)

pcmag said...

It cracks me up how terrified Ava looks in that one MOA ride picture. She's hanging on for dear life!

GrandmaCin said...

I'm envious.

Tizzy said...

Looks fun, girls! Glad to finally see pictures!;) Glad you had fun!:) Miss you here in TN! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon in MI!:) Love you!!!