Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday David!

David turned 18 on Monday.  We celebrated early and
went disk golfing on Friday.  It was a gorgeous day! 
One of the last for Michigan. :(

We had some real talent among us!

 Then there were some who were not so fortunate.... 

 Tab spent most her time climbing trees. :)

We had friends over later that night for dinner & games.
Dad says he has a hidden talent
we never  knew about. :-)
 Just for the record... don't put powdered sugar on
birthday cake!  It doesn't work out so well
 when you blow out the candles. :-)
Emily's way of staying warm. :-)

 Jeremy & Matt were quite competitive
  in the game of lightening!
 They both ended up winning!


Aunt Peggy said...

Looks like way too much fun - except for Tabitha :) How I wish I could have been there too!! Glad you made it such a fun day for David - Happy #18, David!

Love you,
Mom ("Aunt Peggy")

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave...looks like you all were having a great time! Praying for you all...

Jacquelyn said...

Great pics! :) Thx for sharing the b-day celebrations!
Happy B-day David!! :)
Love, Jack

Tizzy said...

Dave, it's so hard to believe you're already 18!!! It seems like you were just little and Mary was giving you "red hair"! ;) Aw.. I miss ya, Dave! Wish I could've helped you celebrate, but so glad that it looks like y'all had fun! :) Love you!!!