Friday, November 12, 2010

Weird, Wild & Wacky

We had weird, wild & wacky night 
with the kids last week in class.
It was so fun to see the different 
things they came up with.
Quite creative! :)

John is such a great brother!  He helped Joanna
fix her ponytail since she only had one hand.
Notice the tongue- must be a concentration thing. :)


Jack McDonnell said...

Wow, and I thought that I was a little too wacky with some of my class ideas! :o)

I am sure the kids got a big kick out of it. Keep having fun!

pcmag said...

Who would stick out their tongue when they're concentrating? John must just be weird.

cheshirelizzy said...

That one had me laughing!

Great idea!

How did Tabitha get her hair to look like mine?


Jacquelyn said...

Wow! That theme is so appropo to the teachers! I just adore the twin set, but I had a hard time seeing the face of the twin on the left...and I was afraid that a roach or something might crawl out of that nest!! :) Love y'all!!
P.S. Naomi, LOVED your hair! It was the best!! :)

Adam and Katie said...

Nice hair, Tab. :)

Sarah said...

Tab- your hair is hysterical! I wish I could fluff my hair like that. I can't wait until we live in our beach house- maybe I can grow into that dress you guys are sharing!

Matt said...

How did you two walk?!

Caroline said...

Hi - I just found your Blog via a friend here in the UK - I so love seeing what other Christian families get up to and enjoy! Life with a big family is so sweet and special - and I only have 6 so far! I look forward to following your fun! Is there somewhere that gives details of your children - I'm guessing some of them are married, and some of the children are theirs? :-) My husband is also a Pastor, and I also homeschool. god bless you all! x