Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bernie & Devanne Visit

Bernie and Devanne came to visit during Spring Break...
and wouldn't leave. ;-) 
The little girls were excited about
hanging out with the older ones.

The best part about bowling?
The snazzy shoes.
Aren't they beautiful?!
We noticed the talent this man had while bowling.
My dad struck up a conversation with him and
 realized he had a very fitting name. Mr. Bowling.
Mr. Bowling was quite entertaining with all his strikes!
We put our names in a drawing for a free pizza.
You would have thought with all the people
we had there we would have won! 
Team 1 & Team 2 We won't say who won
or Peter & Tabitha might feel bad. :-)
Bowling's fun, but a little tiring after 5 hours straight!
 It was unlimited bowling so of course we had to stay til
 they closed at 2am!  We were a tad bit sore the next day! 
Pretty proud of his bowling skills.
A trip to Ann Arbor wouldn't be complete
without a stop at Blimpy Burger!
This picture was taken right before Tab got yelled at by
some random lady.  I guess staring is not always the
best thing to do, especially when it's followed by
 whispering. :-)  It didn't seem to matter that she was
not the one being stared at, but rather the odd looking
 man next to her with the awesome looking mustache. 
Lyd gives a thumbs up to this guys grilling skills. 
Hopefully she took note, considering everything
she grills turns out as black as coal. :-)
Devanee was quite impressed with the U of M Law Quad.
Dad took all of us to breakfast Friday morning.
We were all up and on our way by 8:30!
 That's impressive! :-)
Bob loved having Bernie here!  Quite obviously the
feelings were not mutual.  I think by this point
Bernie just wanted to go home. :-)

Some people don't get out much. :o)
Some of the wrestling matches were
 pretty intense but entertaining.

We had so much fun with you guys!  Come back
when you can intentionally stay longer. :-)


pcmag said...

Yeah, those 6am airport trips were getting a little old, Dev and Barney...

EDWong said...

Are we really sure Dev and Barney didn't intentionally stay longer...:)

Sarah Ruth said...

I sense some jealousy, Mr Wong.

Anonymous said...

I do as well, Sarah! Hey, my last visit to Ann Arbor wasn't complete- no Blimpy Burger. I guess we can blame that on the genius who introduced Mom to Zingermans. haha. We can correct this soon, hopefully?


Anonymous said...

Joanna i look wired in that pic, i look like the ball is to heavy.

Anonymous said...


jmag said...

Pete's practically sweating.

Bernard Fowlkes said...

Haha believe me i didn't enjoy waking up that early either(; But all in all it was all worth it. Thanks for having us again, and for so long!!