Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tabitha Graduated!

Tabitha graduated from Cosmetology school last week
and is extremely happy about being done!

We're convinced that Tab's favorite part about being
a cosmetologist is that she gets to be in complete
 control.  If you're in the chair, you better hope 
she's on good terms with you, she's gotten her 
sleep and has had a good meal!  Here are a 
few products of her getting even. :D

It was fun having Tabitha go to a school that was
in the area. We all enjoyed stopping in to see
her while getting pampered for great
prices with excellent service! :-)


Abby K said...

Congrats Tab!

Grammy Wicht said...

Way to go!!!

Summer said...

Congrats, Tab =)

Sarah Ruth said...

I'm so happy for you, Tab. We'll have to walk around in our caps and gowns this summer so people know that we recently graduated. I CANNOT wait to be done too.

Anna said...

Congratulations, Tabitha! :-) I love your makeup in the top picture - awesome!
Love ya,

Libby Magnuson said...

Abby- permanent new look?? :)

Congrats, Tab!! :)

Anonymous said...

Abby- permanent new look?? :)

Congrats, Tab!! :)


Adam and Katie said...

Congrats, Tab! :)

Suresh said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for ya but I will miss being able to stop in and surprise you :-/
Libs, you guessed it! Isn't it cute?!

Anonymous said...

Your the Greatest!
Love Ya! dad :)

Betsy Magnuson said...

yeah, Tabitha!! Congratulations from all of the MN Mags! Ole especially liked what you did with some with curly hair people... he's hoping you could fix him up !!
We're all proud of you!

MMSteen said...

Congratulations, Tab. Feel free to use any of my before & after pics to showcase your skills. I was MUCH more cooperative than John! =c)

Kristi said...

Congratulations Tabitha! You and your clients look great :)

Audra Shull said...

congrats tab!... Tab what did you do? (first two pics)