Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarah's Visit

Our friend, Sarah, came to visit during her fall break.
We always have so much fun when she is here!
Abby and Sarah turned 21 on September 26th!
We had a belated birthday party for them.
Getting ready to play football.
Team #1
Team #2
Jeremy played hard. Isn't he cute?! :-)


Sarah Magnuson said...

I had a great time with you guys! Thanks so much for having me. The birthday party was great. And the football game?? Well... good thing I wasn't slaughtered on the field. haha Can't wait to see you guys again!


P.S. Jo, can you email me the picture of me and Peter? Thanks! (:

Sarah Magnuson said...

P.P.S. my email is I know Suzy has it but I'm not sure if you do.

Abigail Joshua said...

It was so fun having you here Sarah! Can't wait til the next time we see you! Thanks for such a fun party girls, ya'll are the best. Oh and Tab- those bananas were the best present anyone could ever give me! Love ya'll!

Abigail Joshua said...

P.S. Go team 1!!!! We are so the champions! :-)