Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aunt Mary's Visit

Aunt Mary came to visit this week. We've been
having a great time with her here.
Brothers & Sisters

John & Jeremy got a new motor scooter.
Everyone has been having fun with it!
We celebrated the April birthdays.
Aunt Mary bought the kids shirts
and showed them how to tye dye.

They turned out great! :-)
Tabitha was trying to convince Grandma to ride the scooter.
She wasn't very fond of the idea.
As Tabitha was trying to convince Grandma to ride the scooter,
she accidentally hit the throttle and almost ran her over.
Mom and Aunt Mary were laughing after the fact.
John played Tabitha with one hand and still beat her! :-)


Abigail Joshua said...

Looks like fun! I love the one of Nomster and Ems... so cute! Looks like ya'll have a bunch of Laredo's over there :-) Can't wait to ride it!
Love ya,

Stephen and Christina said...

I didn't know Aunt Mary was planning to be in A2! How fun!

Tizzy said...

It was so much fun to be able to all be together and to have Aunt Mary there too! I miss you all already! Love you!

Tizzy said...

Oh, and tell John I'll have to try that scooter out sometime too!;p Looks fun!:)

Jack McDonnell said...

The Burtt family is going Harley! In a small scale sort of way. :o) I enjoy looking at the blog, keep up the good work!