Saturday, April 17, 2010

Naomi's First Soccer Game

Naomi is excited about being on a soccer team.
She played her first game today and did
an awesome job.

Trying to stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Good pics Naomi, looks like you did well, we will have to play sometime.


Burtt Family said...

I have such beautiful friends and sisters!! :-)

Glad you all came to the game. It was lots of fun!


Jacquelyn said...

Yay, Naomi! I wish I could see you play! :) Love ya! Jac

pcmag said...

Way to go, Noamster! How 'bout next time you actually tell me when your game is! :)

Abigail Joshua said...

Great job on your game KR :-) I was so proud of you! Maybe next time it will be warm...
Luv ya
Jo, thanks for inviting us; it was a blast even though it was a little freezing ;-) love you

Julia said...

Awesome job, Nomie! You look like a pro ;) Miss you! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Naomi!!!!
Im am soooo comin to ur next game! 8)

Sarah Elwood said...

Naomi, good job! Wish we live closer so I can watch you play and then I take you out! maybe one day, Ill fly home! :) Miss everyone!!!