Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating Dad's Birthday & Meeting Alyssa

We met Lloyd, Bethany and the kids for dinner
on Saturday to celebrate Dad's birthday.
Some of us got to meet Alyssa for the first time!
It was a quick trip but we had a great time.
On our way...
He's been driving for 2 hours towards Chicago.
Wonder if he has any idea where he's headed. :-)
Hannah wanted her space so she
used her blanket as a divider. :-)
Dad did a great job acting like he was surprised. :-)
This is what happens when you let a two year old carry the
balloon. The whole restaurant watched as the waiter got
our balloon out of the fan and then everyone clapped.
Isn't she adorable?!
We thought this was fitting for Tab. :-)
No more pictures... please!
Meet Rich. He might not be tall, dark
and handsome but he's Rich!! :-)

Don't Nathan and Carter look just like their uncles?!


Christopher with Elizabeth said...

Alyssa is just beautiful -- like her siblings, mom, grandma and Aunties.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Burtt!

God bless you all & keep the pictures coming -- I really enjoy them.

Beth Fisher

Tizzy said...

I absolutely LOVED looking at all the pictures!! I don't think I stopped smiling!:) Love y'all LOTS!!! Miss you! And can't wait til' the day that I can meet little Alyssa in person, too!;)

Abigail Joshua said...

Looks like a blast! I'm so glad you all got to go :-) Love the brows Jo! They look great.
Love ya

burttfamily said...

Thanks Abz! They weren't done until later that night after all the pictures were taken. Glad ya like em. :-) Bethany and Suzy are the pros!


pcmag said...

That pic of Hannah and Naomi in the van is classic.

Andrew Sikma said...

Looks like a fun visit with nieces and nephews!

My mom met a lady named Liesl (sp?) from Ann Arbor Baptist at the Holiness Conference a few years ago. My mom would like to get in touch with her again so I was wondering if any of the Burtts would know her and be able to get her contact info.

Thanks a lot!
Andrew Sikma