Friday, May 28, 2010

Camp Counselors

Susanna and Mary left for Camp Joy on Wednesday.
They're going to be there for the summer working as
counselors. You'd think they were going to be there
for a couple of years with all they packed. :-)
They're going to be missed this summer!
Mary's roommate from college, Sarah, is also working
with them. The three of them are going to
have a busy but great summer together.
If you'd like to send them a letter - they'd love to get it!
If you send them a package - they have to sing
in front of everyone to get it! ;-)
W7725 Kettle Moraine Dr.
Whitewater, WI 53190


Sarah Rose said...

Have fun girls! I'll cya at the end of June! I can't wait!!!

Jacquelyn said...

You look soo cute! :) Have fun!
Love, Jac
P.S. I doubt you packed as much or any more than your sisters last summer! ;)

Bernard Fowlkes said...

I'm so excited to come to Camp Joy!

britta magnuson said...