Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grandpa's Kids

Evangelist Bill Hall was at our church for a
week of meetings in April. He had a
"Grandpa's Kid's Choir" sing every night.
The last night, he had the alumni sing too! = )
The kids get to have a party the last night of the
meetings! We had fun getting things ready for them!


jmag said...

Pete's attempt to avoid being hit by the blindfolded pinata striker is hilarious.

Sarah Magnuson said...

haha. He has a really uncertain look on his face.

pcmag said...

I can't believe Sam didn't sing with the alumni the second time, too.

Abigail Joshua said...

haha ya, I guess he thought once was enough. He didn't do it last time Grandpa came either. Love the pic girls!

Elizabeth said...

Pete, with how many times you evaded errant swings/mamas on the rampage for candy at last year's summer in the park, you would have thought you could have avoided the pinata striker a little better. :) (I decided to comment and stop being a lurker, to return the favor :). )

Burtt Family said...

James nice to see you on our side of the blog world. :)