Friday, May 21, 2010


We went to Wisconsin last weekend for Adam & Katie's graduation.
We had a nice lunch at the Hollandsworth's on Sunday afternoon.
It was a quick trip but we enjoyed the time we had all together.

Texting his buddy. :-)
Josh an angel? I don't think so. :-)

It was fun to see some of our friends from Camp Joy.

Umm... David? Can you explain? :)

It was a looong day!


Sarah Magnuson said...

I love the pictures. Now that finals have started, I come to your blog 50 times a day to find a distraction. haha. Thanks for posting and keeping me from my homework. (; Miss you guys!

Abigail Joshua said...

Hah, Sarah I know so how you feel! I do the same thing!!! Finals is like the only time my room gets a makeover cleaning :-)
Love the pictures girls, I wish I could have gone ;-( Maybe next time. So not fair you got to see our wonderful camp friends and Mary!!! I love her. Oh and I love the pic of the persons feet that David took I'm sure :-0 Love ya!

Abbie Sikma said...

I greatly enjoyed meeting more Burtts when you were up here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie,

It was nice meeting you and some of your family too! We are praying for your new little brother! Maybe we will see you when we are there for the wedding at the end of June. = )

david rains said...

Umm... did I really take that foot picture?

Sarah Magnuson said...

Ladies, ladies! 12 days is MUCH too long to leave your readers hanging!! I really would appreciate an update on the Burtts! haha