Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah & Naomi

Sarah and Naomi had birthdays on July 10th. 
We weren't able to be with Sarah to celebrate this year,
but Naomi did enough celebrating for the both of them. :-)

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Lydia & Hannah were kind enough to decorate
Suzy's room for Naomi's sleepover with Baileigh.
Tabitha gave them pedicures and manicures.
Having fun playing games.
opening presents...
She finally got the doll she's been wanting.
Brunch at Dimo's.  They have the best donuts!
The girls had a blast bungee jumping!
 Swimming at the Woody's pool was on 
Naomi's birthday wish list. :-)
Bethany and the kids are in town for the week.
They made it in time for Naomi's birthday dinner.


Stephen and Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

burttfamily said...

FYI i wanted that doll like 3 years ago sooo it just sits at the bottom of my bed :)