Friday, July 9, 2010


We met the Webbs in Knoxville while we were 
in Tennessee.  It was a very quick trip but 
we enjoyed our time together!

We went to the World's Fair Park while we were there.
We got "stuck" in the elevator for 2 whole
minutes while going up in the sunsphere.
  Mrs. Webb & Georgia were smart 
and waited downstairs for us.

We had fun singing and putting on shows at the amphitheater.

The fountains were beautiful!

We had to evacuate the hotel during breakfast.
You would have thought there was some big fire, 
but it was only a little smoke from a cigarette. 
Thanks to the hotel staff for being so 
observant and catching it in time. :)
We all enjoyed fresh Krispy Kreme donuts to end the trip.


Stephen and Christina said...

Oh wow! Those fountains are beautiful!

~ga~ said...

yeah i would just like to second that thanx to the staff for being so observant :) lol!

Abigail Joshua said...

You know, if the staff hadn't been so observant we all would have burned to death! Thanks to Pastor Webb for picking such a great hotel with such observant managers! Besides the fact that it was probably her that started the fire. So many memories! Love you all

Jacquelyn said...

LOL Abi and GA! I was going to comment about how appreciative I am that they are pretty OBSERVANT around there!!! It was so much fun being with y'all! The pics were fun! I want to go back to that park sometime! :) Love ya!