Friday, July 2, 2010

More Fun In Tennessee

Jo & Tab decided to go on a hike the other day.  If you 
didn't know, Joanna is not much of a hiker and she is a 
hypochondriac. The two do not mix. : )  She thought she 
was going to die the second we walked out of the 
apartment.  Surely she was going to get attacked by a 
snake.  Or perhaps she would get a tick.  We reassured 
her nothing would think to come near her -  she is quite 
loud and would have scared anything away!  You all 
can be thankful pictures don't have sound. : )

She grabbed her water bottle and started drinking 
like we were lost in a desert the second 
we walked out of the door.
We weren't even to the trail and she grabbed a granola bar
from the bag.  She was dying of starvation!!  Dramatic?! : )
As we were hiking, I wondered why my bag felt so heavy. 
I looked down to see Joanna hanging on for dear life.
I don't know if it was to help her up the trail or to save 
her from the big lions and bears we faced ahead? : )
We didn't get very far but we had fun.  Thankfully we made
it back in one piece.  Just barely though...we had a couple 
of attacks from very mean, wild, vicious butterflies. : ) 
Might as well have been a bear the way Joanna reacted!
Rebekah does an awesome job teaching the deaf girls.
Ronnie Rice had fun playing Abby's phone as a harmonica. : )
He was trying to teach Joanna how to finger spell 
cat & dog at the same time.  Try it - it's hard!
Bill & Mary Rice invited us over for ice cream after 
the Wednesday evening service.  They have a beautiful 
log cabin.  We enjoyed our time with them and hearing 
all of their interesting stories!  We could have listened 
to them talk all night!  As we were leaving, Joanna 
was thanking them and telling them how much we 
enjoyed being there.  She walked right out of 
the house without her shoes. : ) 


Stephen and Christina said...

Looks like fun:) Teen Camp is almost done and all the A2 campers will be heading home tomorrow...

Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

No shoes? Learning to love hiking? Sounds like ya'll are adapting to the South! Wish we could join you for a day or two :) Say hi to my ancestors in TN!

Anonymous said...

How long was the hike???

kerstinmagnuson said...

looks fun, girls! good thing we only have a couple all-day hikes planned when you girls come visit, huh? love and miss you and can't WAIT to see you soon!

Karen said...

O my stars, I'm dying laughing! This was just too funny. I'm like that, too... get all geared up like I'm running a marathon whenever the Exercise Bug bites me. (not often. not often at all.) Looks fun!