Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dad, Mom, and Rachel were out of town last week at a 
Bible Conference. We had the privilege of staying home 
with the kids. :-)  We thought it would be fun to go 
sledding.  The little girls refused to go if Tab wore her 
crazy hat.  Of course, after Tab heard that, she just had 
to wear it. :-)  The girls were thankful there was 
no one else at the sledding hill!

The hill was pure ice.  They decided to try going
down without sleds.  Needless to say, they had
sore rumps the next day!
Cinderella lost her boot.
Since the hill was too icy, we walked over
to the park and had some fun there.
Tab is full of brilliant ideas.  We made chocolate bowls.
We used smiley face balloons, so we 
had smiley chocolate bowls. :-)

Our fancy dessert!


Emmy Mae said...

Wow! Those desserts look AMAZING! How do you make the chocolate bowls?

Sarah Ruth said...

I am so impressed with those desserts! Wow, Tab! What book taught you to be such a great cook???

Adam and Katie said...

Looks like fun, girls! :)


Phebster said...

That is sooo cool Tab!!!!!

Tizzy said...

Aw girls, I miss y'all! Tab, I love all your fun ideas! :) And I LOVE your crazy hat! I would've worn one too if I were with you! :) Love you!

Adam said...

I love the cute smilie faces :)

Audra Shull said...

CRAZY HATS!!!!!!!! go goofy Tab! Tizzy, i agree. I would have worn a crazy hat too! the one my friend Ayla and I made! we were only 7 so it's crazy!