Friday, March 4, 2011


 I got to go to Florida this year for my birthday. 
It was really fun to surprise 
Kenzie, Noah, Allie and Baileigh!!  

Kenzie waiting for us to get off the plane...
     Mrs. Huxley was trying to stall so
 they stopped for a picture.
     Abby with Thomas Edison.
I was kinda lost in the airport so they 
         had to stall for a pretty long time...;)
        When I finally found out where they were
          I walked out and surprised Kenzie!
It was awesome to finally see her again!!!
    Kenzie, Noah, Abby and I decided we would ride our
bikes over to Walmart.  We weren't even out of the
subdivision and I did a flying front flip over the
handlebars and landed pretty much like the
picture shows. Somehow everyone found out and
I got called a klutz for the rest of the week! :)

       We went to this really good orange
 juice place.  Their lemonade was the best!


  We went to the beach with Rebekah and Deborah
on Friday!!!  I love the ocean!!!  There was this thing
to climb on so we climbed up to the top.
It was pretty awesome! ;)

  I was the only one who would go out with
Allie to the sand bar. It was a pretty unforgettable
experience! So we are walking out to the sand bar
and Allie says "O yea, btw there are stingrays so
just scuffle your feet." I was like "Great!" So we are
out there for a little bit when all the sudden I saw
 these huge dark orange colored stingrays! I called
to Allie and said, "Allie, there are 5 stingrays!
Scuffle your feet!" She just laughed and said,
"Haha that's funny." I said, "NO! I am not joking!!!"
We think they might have been poisonous!
You all are pretty lucky we are still here with you today! ;)

  I loved these hats!
Kenzie and I on the ride!
Kenzie almost lost her phone
trying to take this picture...
The log ride! Kenzie and Noah were smart and put us in the front.
Guess what seat gets the most wet? ;)
  Kenzie and I with our awesome pins! ;)
  This is the WORST ride ever!!
 It is the song that never ends...
  it goes on and on and on and on!!!!!!
          Abby was somehow enjoying herself! Kenzie was covering
 her eyes in her grief. I was eating in my misery. It was terrible!!!
   FINALLY!!! We saw the exit!!! It is a ton of signs
that say bye in all different languages! 
I have never been so happy to see anything in my life!!!!!!!

Thursday night us 3 girls made dinner. It started out a fail!
  Kenzie broke the garlic press! How is that even possible!?
Then Abby finished it off by spilling the 
      whole container of brown sugar! :)

     We celebrated my birthday Friday night. Mrs Huxley
made and decorated a really good cake and
 Mrs. Huxley and Deborah made dinner!! Thanks again!!!
 Saturday night we went to the Edison light parade!
    The 3 of us with Mr Dalgato
   Noah and Coleman
 I had an awesome week!!! Miss you all!!


Tizzy said...

Aw, Lyddie, I loved to see your pictures! Looks like you had so much fun! I'm so glad it worked for you to go! Love you & miss you!

Anonymous said...

I had that same exact experience with "It's a Small World"! Keeps going and going and going! Cute pics. :)

Sarah Rose said...

Worlds best flying front flip over the handlebars!!! haha nice one Lyd!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could have met up! :( love, Britta

Phebster said...

Haha! I have to say that I am truly thankful that you are safe and well and that those stingrays didn't get ya!!!!=)lol cya tomorrow!!!

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