Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Tabitha & Hannah!!

Joanna, Tabitha, Hannah, and Naomi went to
 Chicago last weekend so Tabitha and Hannah
 could go to America's Beauty Show. 
 They both love cosmetology so it was a fun
 thing to do together for their birthdays! 
They were able to spend some time
with Lloyd, Bethany, and the kids too.

They are SO much alike in personalities, interest,
and looks!!!  It is scary at times! = )

Lloyd & Carter take March Madness very seriously! :-)
Nathan was sooooo proud of his "bubble!" :-)
Joanna was so excited about her first wiggley tooth! :-)
The kids LOVE their new trampoline! 
 Nathan informed Aunt Tabitha that she
 could not jump with him on his trampoline
 because she was too fat! :-)

Today is Grandpa Burtt's birthday. 
 We had a special dinner Saturday night to celebrate
all the March birthdays.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

Lydia did a great job with the grilling! :-)  Ha!  
Thankfully there were extras and we found a new griller!! 
Tabitha had fun doing something new and 
creative with Hannah's hair for her birthday! 


Tizzy said...

Happy birthday, girls! I wish I could've helped you celebrate! :) Looks like y'all had fun! I'm glad! :) Tab, I LOVE Hannah's hair! When mine is long enough you'll have to try something like that on me too :) I love you! Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you girls have many more!

Anna Mcdonnell

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ladies.