Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun With The Webbs

  The Webbs came for a visit a few weeks ago.
 They decided to come a day early and surprise us. 
 What a surprise that was!  Let's just say they
now know us for who we really are. :) 
Even though we were quite shocked,
 we enjoyed having them for an extra day.
We played a fun game of kickball. 
 We were having so much fun we played
 right through a huge rainstorm. :)
Dad sent us all to the basement because
he claimed there was a tornado warning.
We realized after a while that dad never came down.
We think he just wanted some peace and quiet. :)
We went to a nearby park for the day and had fun
kayaking.  Thankfully no one fell in but we had 
several close calls thanks to Spurgeon! : )
Steve was kind enough to let all of us come
out to the lake for the day. We made it through
with no broken bones and had a blast!!
Dinner at Olive Garden
Hangin' out downtown.

We went out after church for 1/2 off appetizers at Applebees.
We had lots of fun around the bonfire. 
Joanna & Spurgeon attempted to play the guitar. 
Jacquelyn & Abby did some crazy Indian dance.
(Abby thinks she knows how to do the real thing. 
 We all try to humor her. :)  Dad & Mom kept us
entertained with their jokes. Mom is the best
at jokes if anyone ever needs one. :) 
The week seemed to fly by!  It was a fun, crazy packed week. 
 Even though we hardly had any sleep, we would do
 it all over again. :)  We miss you guys!


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