Monday, June 28, 2010


After the wedding, a few of us drove back to Tennessee
 with Deborah & Rebekah for a visit.  We will be here 
for the week.  They still have to work/ counsel, but 
it's fun to hang out around camp and see the 
different things they do here at the ranch. 

We had a fun trip from Wisconsin to Tennessee.  The nine
hour trip turned into twelve hours due to traffic and
Abby's "detours" to miss the toll booths. :)  We added
about three hours onto the trip, but bless
her heart we didn't pay a toll.

We listened to a few sermons on the way. 
Abby & Joanna were quite convicted and
 decided it was a "hankie wavin" moment. :)
We stopped at taco bell for a quick bite.  Joanna, like usual
had a question about every single thing on the menu.
(She usually takes about 15 minutes to look over the menu
only to order a soft taco. :)  She was asking this helpful
young man quite a few questions.  He did a good job of
acting patient.  He told her about this great "faller" burrito
they had.  Joanna (after looking over the menu
for a picture of this faller burrito) asked the man what a
faller burrito was.  The man looking quite disturbed
answered, "I said 5 layer burrito."  Joanna did all she could to
keep her composure and told the man she needed a few minutes
to think things over.  She walked into the bathroom laughing
so hard she was crying.  It's a good thing the man didn't
get too upset with her not understanding his "accent" or she
wouldn't be with us today.  He was HUGE!

We finally made it to the ranch about 1:00 am.
We did our best to keep quiet while unloading the car. :)
Deborah does a great job playing her violin, singing in 
different groups & signing for the deaf services.

Rebekah is counseling for a deaf group
that CJ & Sarah brought from New Jersey.
It's so fun having a few of the sisters together 
for the week.  It's like a mini family reunion.
If you look carefully you can see the water coming from the cup.
Tab meant it as a joke, but accidentally ended
 up getting Deborah quite wet. :)
We have to go around in disguise.  
We might get kicked out otherwise. :)

could this be why...? :)


Stephen and Christina said...

Looks fun! Keep the pics comin...

Anonymous said...

Yall be crazy! I can only imagine what the dude behind the counter went through with Chubby. I hope yall leave that craziness at the Ranch. I cant handle much of that stuff. do bring your disguises though.


Abigail Joshua said...

Um, actually the detour did NOT take 3 hours and if we had stayed on the highway we would have ended up in more traffic. Just be thankful you had an Indian scout along to guide you :)
I'm havin' a blast and I'll be so sad when we leave

Tizzy said...

Aw girls! It's been so much fun!!! I absolutely LOVE y'all and spending time with some of my bestest friends!:) Looking forward to more crazy fun...:)

Jacquelyn said...

Love the pics!!! Y'all are crazy fun! Did you get one of Nathan?? :) Love y'all! Jack

pcmag said...

You let Joanna drive?

Anonymous said...

Dont know who pcmag is but I totally agree. Who in there right mind would let Chubby drive on a road trip? Hope yall make it home safe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Now...

I'm the best driver on this trip. I let Tab take over for a few hours and was regretting it the second she got behind the wheel. Besides, it IS my suv. :-)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


pcmag said...


Yes, you own the car. But I also own scissors. That does not mean that I insist on cutting my own hair -- I know Mike the Barber will do a better job of it. Sometimes it helps to know our limitations. :)

Anonymous said...


S.O.P. said...
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Sam Sanderlin Family... said...

I laughed so hard looking at your pictures and hearing the stories :) Looks like you all are having too much fun. Love and miss ya, Abby