Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah & CJ's Visit

We had a great time with Sarah and CJ here!
  They were able to be here for two weeks 
and we kept them quite busy!  

Not many people can hula hoop and play
volleyball at the same time. :-)

 Sarah and Rebekah were so glad their
visits overlapped for a few days. We 
always enjoy having more sisters home!
CJ was able to help Dad with the roof while he was here.
CJ loves to catch and eat anything that moves. :)
He grilled up a squirrel he had shot for dinner.
Being a bad influence on the boys. :) They figured 
out the rope swing reaches to the back porch.


Phebster said...

Wow bobby ur pretty talented!!!=) That looks like so much to jump off the porch!!!=)

Jacquelyn said...

Fun pics! Glad we got to see them too! :) Love y'all! Jac

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